Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Bags & New Student Books

I can't believe meet the teacher night is only a few weeks away.  I have been so indecisive about my whether to change my classroom theme to camping and what to give my kiddos for meet the teacher night.  I have come up with a cute S'MORE gift idea that would be perfect for any camping theme.  Click the tag to print out your own tags.  I have also come up with another tag idea, but it uses gummy bears with a tag that says, "I'm beary excited to have you in my class."  This tag is also A FREE DOWNLOAD. 
Another thing I have always wanted to do, but just never had time for was a new student welcome book.  I just finished it up today!  It has a cover, a letter page for the students, a letter page for the principal and teacher, and a fun little M&M meet and greet game.  I know when a new student enters my room in the middle of the year they are nervous, scared, and excited.  This is a great way to make them feel comfortable and welcomed by their peers and teacher.  Check it out at my Teachers Notebook Store for only $2.00!  Click the picture below for a direct link with sample pages from the book.


  1. I love the smores idea! I use bees and have done the giftbag with different items with a note telling what the itesm are for for years. I would love to change, but not sure what to do! One there anything written on back of your smores note tag? Thanks so much!
    Busy in Kindergarten!

  2. Nope. If you click the picture it should just pull up and you can print it off. I might write my own little note, but nothing is types on the back.

  3. Thank you!! I just downloaded your cute S'more tag!!

  4. I love the S'mores tag for welcome bags. I can't wait to use them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing your gift tags. I love them!

  6. Thanks for sharing your gift tags. I love them!