Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Pictures & Displays for 2014-2015

     We are officially back in the swing of things at school.  I am a little behind on blogging, but wanted to post some classroom pictures and displays.  I forgot how hard it is to juggle classroom, household duties, a toddler, and daycare needs.  I have been worn out to say the least.  I plan to post some pictures from our first week back over the weekend, so visit back for more ideas and a freebie! 
     I wanted to change a few things up this year, but keep my color scheme.  I found all kinds of cute celebrity/rock n’ roll ideas and fell in love.  Here are some snapshots of my displays.  

I can’t take any credit for this cute guitar clip chart idea.  I snagged it from Mrs. Abby at InspiredApple.  I did have to change the colors around because our colors were different from hers.  You can grab the copies of them here.

 Here is our celebrity of the week wall.  This is the same as the star of the week we see in a lot of classrooms, but this went with theme perfect.  This idea came from Mrs. Cara over at First Grade Parade.  I had to re-type the whole celebrity of the week parent page because I could not find the download from Mrs. Madden anywhere.

 I was the first celebrity!  

You have to love the paparazzi cut-outs and the “Star-Worthy Work” sign in lights!  I got these super cheap at Party Cheap.  

 This is their reading wall to keep track of their Book-It rewards.  The title is a little cheesy, but I loved the iPods.

 Open House hallway display!

After the week is over our class celebrity will get to add their handprints and star to our classroom wall of fame! I can’t wait to see this grow.

If you would like copies of my iPod reading charts or my celebrity of the week parent form please leave a comment below.  Hope you have a wonderful first week back!