Friday, July 25, 2014

Treasures Unit 3 Guided Reading Resources

Last year I made a Treasures Unit 2 guided reading resource pack and it was a big hit.  I also made sheets for unit 3 and 4, but never really put it into a unit.  I just finished the unit 3 packet this week and plan to have unit 4 up by August.  I actually love these resources because it makes my guided reading days go really smooth and I like that these sheets work as a supplemental activity that goes with the book after reading. 
My small group time looks a lot like this:
Word Work Strategies/Sight Words
These are usually activities that I’ve created to go along with Treasures spelling words for the week (i.e. games, flash cards, reading passages using patterns found in spelling words.)
Pathways Small Group Lesson
Pathways small group activity (tablets or game)
Introduce guided reading book for the week with picture walk, choral reading, or read together/silently.  This usually depends on the level group I’m working with. I usually do a lot of post-it activities this day (i.e. retell at post-it stoppers, write down tricky words, I spay sight words, etc.)
Review the book and complete worksheets from packet below.  We usually complete both sheets on Friday, but some of the sheets are split to do one each day.

Here is a sample of what my new unit looks like!

Click the picture below to go to my teachers pay teachers shop to purchase.  The unit 2 is also available for purchase here.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Back In School Mode & New Theme

The fourth of July has gone and past and that means I have just over a month before I am blessed with another bunch of kiddos.  I am so excited to be back in school mode, but am also sad to be ending this summer with my beautiful daughter.  This was the first real summer that we got to go do fun stuff and make memories.  I have decided to give my room a bit of a makeover this year.  I decided to keep a lot of my same colors (neon and bright) but change my theme to some fun celebrity & rockstars.  
I found this label on Pinterest without any link back to who created it and it wasn't even in a google docs format.  I took the image or tag and made it into labels to place on my Poprocks.  These will have sunglasses and balloons attached at open house. Click the label sheet below to get yours. These will fit on avery 5160. 

I have also decided to get rid of all those papers that have to be turned in in the beginning of the year for us to keep in their folders.  They pretty much all ask the same thing (birthday, name, contact numbers, pick up/drop off, etc.) I created a shipping label to place on an index card.  The parents fill it out at open house and then I file it in a index card catalog like the one below.  It will fit easily on my desk and I don't have to be digging through file folders for info or early release info.  I love I can take it with me home or leave it at school. Grab your labels below.

I am pretty excited about all the fun things I have planned for my classroom and can't wait until early August. I will be posting lots of pictures and tons of freebies.  Here is a sample of the adorable V.I.P. Passes I will be sending out next week to my kiddos.  I bought string and laminated them to look like backstage passes.  These turned out so cute.  I had them custom made by Michelle Lyman

Enjoy your last bit of summer! 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gift Giving & End of Year Freebie

We are nearing the home stretch for the year and it feels very good, but also very stressful.  We only have 5 days left and then summer will begin.  I know I am excited to spend time with my little one, but I know I will miss the classroom after a few weeks.  How many more days do you have?

I am a little late posting our Mother's Day gifts and teacher appreciation, but I still wanted to share.  This was by far the cutest gift I have done for Mother's Day since teaching.  The kids loved them and I know the moms did too.  We created custom artwork charms and made them into necklaces.  With all the rage for Origami Owl I thought this was the next best thing, plus it was personalized by their kiddo.  Here is a peak.  

One of the memory activities we did for our ABC countdown was a puzzle.  The kids enjoyed making these and placing four of their favorite memories from the year.  The traded puzzles with their seat partners and shared their puzzles. This was a great morning meet and greet activity too. Grab your freebie below by clicking the image! This will be uploaded on Monday, May 19.  My flash drive is at school. 

I must say last week was a great week.  My kids surprised me with a class breakfast of donuts and Capri Sun.  The kiddos parents came in and helped to serve all the food and clean up.  It was quite the treat.  They even surprised me with this super cute supply caked topped with a gift card for me to go shopping.  So stink'in sweet! 

Happy Teaching & Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming.....
The year is almost done! 


Monday, May 5, 2014

Tricky Ending Unit & Freebie

I have been a little absent with the blogging the past week.  Is it me or is the end of the year stressful?  I feel like we are constantly having more and more to do.  I will say that I will miss this bunch of cuties next year.  This group has been a good one!
I am happy to say that when I wasn’t blogging I was making all kinds of new things to help with my kiddos with end of the year testing.  We currently use Pathways to Reading as our phonics program and tricky endings has always been difficult for my kids to grasp.  I created a fun little unit that I used this past week and so far it has been hit.  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures todays of the kids doing the construction center, but it sure was cute!

Here are a few pictures I snapped last week and a fun little freebie from the unit to use with your kids. 

 Roll and Read activity was a hit at small group time. 

We worked extra hard to spot those tricky endings in our books too! 

Here is a sample of the book page.  There goal is to fill their book up with tricky endings by Friday. 

This was a fun little review activity or challenge exercise for the kids.  
You can snag your FREE copy below.  Just click on the blank image. 

 Click me I'm free!

If you would like to take look at this unit, visit my shop by clicking the image below.  Let me know what you think.  The first person to comment on this will get a free copy! Happy teaching!