Thursday, April 16, 2015


With the end of the school year coming to a close I have come to the realization that I never really got to make my classroom my own.  I took a position at my school late into the summer and had roughly 2 weeks to get my room ready.  I came into a classroom that still had 3 file cabinets full of files…YES THREE! I had a closet full of stuff that wasn’t mine and decorations that I didn’t love.  Well, five years later I have finally decided to lessen the clutter and create a classroom that I LOVE!

Here are some fun things I have been up to this month.  I have successfully cleaned out all of my files, created binders for each subject, professional development activity, and management tool, and have started cleaning out my classroom closet.  This is a summer job in itself.  I have downsized to only one file cabinet and I am so happy to see extra space (something I lack in my very small room). 

I am in LOVE with Kinder Craze and her classroom.  I have decided to do my room very similar to hers with the rainbow chalkboard look.  I love her silhouettes and bright colors with the clouds backgrounds.  Can someone say adorable?

I went on over to Kinder Crazes TPT Shop to grab these super cute rules chalkboard posters.  I LOVE these and I love that they are in frames.  I headed over to Michaels to see if I could snag any of those adorable frames, but of course they were nowhere to be seen.  I did however come across these beauties for $4 in a clearance area and they had all the colors I wanted, which equals NO SPRAY PAINT! Yes!

This picture is from Kinder Craze and if you click the image above you can grab these cute posters from her shop.

Here’s a look at what I tried to recreate today.  I love the bright frames and the price.  The frames were larger than the 8X10 print, so I found some cute rainbow chevron scrapbook paper to place behind them to make it work.  You will notice there are only 4 frames not five.  They only had 4 of the different colors so I had to make it work. 

I also ordered the chalkboard cut out from last night for under $5 and even scored so really cute tissue pom-poms to help with decorating bulletin boards for $1.99 each or two 6inch for $1.99.  I love

I am not a huge fan of Wal-Mart but they did have the cutest chevron mason jars and containers that I just had to put a twist on.  Check out my before and after pencil holders and birthday bucket to house my balloon treats.  The birthday bucket says, "Birthday Wishes." I made that cute cut out with my Cricut. 

I am pretty excited to see it come together in the end.  On a side note…my little bug turned two this weekend.  If I have been MIA this past week it was because I was stressing out about party plans and the fact that my little baby wasn’t really a baby anymore. UGH ; (