Thursday, February 4, 2016

14 Days of Valentines & Synonym Surgery

If you haven't liked my classroom Facebook Page I would recommend following for all the goodies in the month of February. I recently started up 14 days of Valentine's and I will share with you day 3 and & 4. I created 6 iPod QR code listening station cards. Each card has a QR code for a Valentine theme story. The students can scan the code and listen to the story as a center choice. I also created a listening form to use after they hear the story that asks them to recall the characters and setting of the story along with writing their favorite part. This is a great way to hold them accountable during center time and also make them think about what they read/listened to. If you would like a copy of these click each picture to get your free download. 

Today was an awesome day teaching!!! My kids had a blast and I loved being able to add dramatic play into my lesson.  This is the stuff the kids eat up and will remember.  Today we used my synonym surgery activity out of my Multi-syllable Word Monsters Unit. This was so fun and the kids really enjoyed wearing the masks like a doctor to perform surgery on their words. 

I set the scene by explaining that are going to be surgeons on their words.  Their task was to read the band-aide words, clap out the syllables, and cut the words where their syllable claps occurred. This is the perfect lesson to do right before we start to introduce name hat/sound hat in our Pathways to Reading and also explaining that every syllable has a vowel.  There are so many rules that go with teaching multi-syllables that I spend an entire week going identifying syllables and dissecting the words so they can better understand the rules that follow. Check out these surgeons at work!  

 She was really getting into this role! 

This is a sure win in your classroom and it will bring 100% engagement! I am pretty sure I may have some future surgeons in my classroom. 


Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 1: 14 Days of Valentine's FREEBIE!

Every Valentine’s Day I do 14 days of Valentine’s for my hubby.  Usually they are little candies, love notes, and a few bigger gifts that I know he needs or uses. He looks forward to this every year, so I thought I would do the same for my followers. Of course I won’t be leaving all of you love notes, but instead spreading some teacher love with cute activities for your classroom.  Some of these will be Valentine theme and others will not. 

My first freebie for day 1 is …….A cute Roll, Double, Cover game to play during center time or even as a great whole group reinforcement activity.  Doubles addition is always a little tricky for my kiddos so the extra practice always helps. Plus this is the perfect review activity to leave if you have a sub!

Click the picture above for your copy. Also check out my Facebook Page to see what I am up to in my classroom and even more freebies! Be sure to check back every day until Valentine’s for some more awesome freebies!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

TCH & CH Read the Room Freebie!

I am happy to say that we made it through this last crazy week. We had the 100th day, school wide celebrations and assemblies galore! I was more than ready for the weekend. Last week we learned a new SCREECH guide in our Pathways program. We learned about good ole Defender T! This is always an easier one for the kids to understand, but they do still need a lot of practice.  I created a very simple but affective way to practice this guide as a whole class.  The best part…they are up and moving and it’s not a worksheet! Can I get an AMEN!

You grab this FREEBIE by clicking here or clicking the picture below!

One a happy and warm note we had 60-degree weather in January, so I got to spend some much needed outdoor time with my Loves! Check out my ham of a daughter.

I have some pretty awesome things I will be posting in the next 14 days, so be sure to check back daily! I call it 14 days of LOVE for my followers!