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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fairy Tales Part II

Here are some more ideas from my fairytale week.  We did The Three Little Pigs and Princess and the Pea the last two days.  I have posted some pictures with some fun ideas we did.  I thought for sight word help we would stick with the princess and prince theme and wear crowns with our sight words on them.  For the whole day they had to call each person by their sight word.  For example, Prince Because.  My kids got a kick out of this and it really helped a lot. 
I also used this great Three Little Pigs Literacy Journal that I got from Mrs. Afor free!  Yes free.  We used this to review what we already knew, plus it really helped with adjectives.  I also made a snack called pigs in the mud.  I used pink marshmallows and chocolate pudding cups.  The kids loved this fun snack to go with the story.  

 We also did a creative writing piece to go with it on how to trick a wolf.  The kids colored their pigs, added googly eyes and wrote their response.  It made a fun hallway display, plus their responses were pretty entertaining.  

I thought this one was pretty funny.  I loved how he said it would be a hot tub!  It made me laugh.  We also did a cute Princess and the Pea math activity that I hung in the hallway.  I can't take credit for this because I got the idea from my Fairy Tale Unit I purchased from Ashley Magee.
Have a happy Monday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fairy Tale Fun: Part 1

This week our theme is fairy tales.  I started off day one with Jack and the Beanstalk.  I made this very large beanstalk outside my classroom door to get my kids thinking about what we would be learning this week.  I also left a little note outside the door for when they arrived.  I tweaked this just a bit and got the letter idea from
Babbling Abbey.  She did something similar for her Wizard of Oz unit.  The kids loved this and it is a cute display. 

We also planted lima bean seeds and are observing our plant growth.  I got these cute Lima Bean Experiment books from teachers pay teacher.  You can find the link for her fairy tales unit at  Her unit has lots of cute ideas that I will be posting throughout this week! I will be posting more pictures tonight from my home computer. 

Today we studied Princess and the Pea.  I used the graph we did below with the unit I purchased from The First Grade Brain.  They really got a kick out of this graph and the lips.  I made a fun treat called a frog kiss.  It is lime Jell-O with a Hershey kiss on top.  I planned on putting a gummy frog at the bottom, but I couldn’t find them this year.    Regardless, my kiddos loved the treat!