Sunday, March 11, 2018

Apps Worth Downloading

There are so many applications out there right now that it can become a bit overwhelming.  This year my grade level made the switch from Android tablets to iPads and the possibilities with the iPad are so much greater. I really love to use applications that enhance my lessons and encourage student creativity.  Here are just a few applications I use on a daily basis and love. 

This app is a favorite in my classroom and is used almost everyday.  They have a lite version and a paid version.  I currently have the lite version (free) and we can still do so much with it.  This is used as a web organizer.  We have used this in math to show a variety of ways to make numbers, retell and character traits in reading, and even creating multi-syllable words.  Here are some of our samples.  

 Click here to listen       

2.   BookCreator

This app can be used in so many different ways.  I have used this for creating class books and sharing with parents.  My kids love to record themselves reading their writing and uploading pictures from their stories.  We have also used this with the app Chatter Pix to create facts about animals.  This application does cost money but it is so worth it.  It even allows you to generate QR Codes for the books that you create which makes it easy to share with parents.  I just add the QR code to my weekly newsletters and I’m done. Check out our most recent books.

3.   Flipgrid
This app has both a paid version and also a free version.  I currently have the free version and it has been great.  This application is used for sharing information within your classroom and others.  I love this because I can create a grid and then share it with other classrooms in my building, city, and state.  This is a great way for my students to collaborate with others.  We recently started learning about how to be a better bystander.  We did a class read-aloud and then the students created a grid discussing what they could do to be a better bystander.  We shared it with our school and others had the opportunity to add to it.  Check it out below. Click the link below to view the grid.

What are some of your must have applications that you use to increase student learning and enhance your lessons? 


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