Monday, July 25, 2011

What's Your Behavior Worth?

The LessonPlan Diva is having a behavior plans and management linky party. Here is one of my behavior plans I have used in the past. I love it because it uses money counting skills along with  managing your classroom behavior.  I usually post a display with the "What's Your Behavior Worth?" sign.  I also like to buy those shoe holders that hang on your doors.  You can out all of the kids names on a shoe holder spot.  This is where all their money goes.  This is perfect because it prevents students' from losing their money.

I also put this tracking form in their take home folders.  Every day they mark what their behavior was and at the end of the week I pay all my kids and their parents must sign the slip and return it to school on Monday.  I usually do a classroom store that has different items that cost anywhere from 10 cents to $2.00.  The kids really like the idea of spending their own money too.  Angie who teaches next to me also does something very similar but she uses only nickels, so the kids are only having to count by 5's.  Just a thought.  I hope some of this helps!


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  2. I have my pay pal set up but the Teachers Notebook is still working on this issue. I has happen on two orders...yours being one.
    Sorry. I hope we figure this out soon.

  3. I just want to make sure you receive your payment. I hope they work it out soon too!

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