Saturday, March 26, 2011

Straw Towers

Next week our school will start talking about cooperation with the kids and this is one of my favorite activities to do.  It involves working together with a group to complete a task and higher level thinking skills.  The looks on their faces when I tell them what they are doing and the rules are priceless!
I put the kids in groups of 4 and gave each group 50 straws and an arms length of masking tape.  Their task was to build a free standing tower in 30 minutes. 
The Rules:
You can not tape the tower to the floor or any other objects in the classroom (desk, chalkboard, or shelf).  If I heard them using mean words and not working together to solve their problem I took a straw from their group (They didn’t like this).  The last rule was to set a time to finish by.  I gave them 30 minutes.

Below are some of their towers.  They did pretty good.  I only had one group that didn’t complete the task.


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